Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year 2011!

Blessed Christmas & a Wonderful New Year to you! =)

This Christmas & New year is extra special to me & YY as we have Euan to celebrate with.

Each year, our cg has a tradition on New Year's eve where we meet up for a time of thanksgiving and reflection, and of course, feasting & drinking in merriment. The best part?? =) the cg guys get to cook/buy food for the girls. =)

As we sat together during sharing, i could't help but have a deep sense of gratitude as i listened to each cg member share of God's goodness and faithfulness in their lives. As we looked back a year ago, it was a difficult time, with a cloud of sombre mood as we shared in our dear sister Phylli's anxiety and worry over the lymphoma cancer. This year, we as a cg, and a s a family had so so much to thank God for.

Phylli has been given the all-clear. We have 3 new additions to the cg - Baby Euan, Baby Athalie & Baby Elizabeth - all precious little miracles from the Lord; and one more on the way. =) We had new cg members joining us for wonderful fellowship. As i was cradling Euan to sleep, it dawned on me that God has been truly gracious and faithful to us.

Blessed New Year, may it be filled with His favour and blessings! =)
Much love!