Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year 2011!

Blessed Christmas & a Wonderful New Year to you! =)

This Christmas & New year is extra special to me & YY as we have Euan to celebrate with.

Each year, our cg has a tradition on New Year's eve where we meet up for a time of thanksgiving and reflection, and of course, feasting & drinking in merriment. The best part?? =) the cg guys get to cook/buy food for the girls. =)

As we sat together during sharing, i could't help but have a deep sense of gratitude as i listened to each cg member share of God's goodness and faithfulness in their lives. As we looked back a year ago, it was a difficult time, with a cloud of sombre mood as we shared in our dear sister Phylli's anxiety and worry over the lymphoma cancer. This year, we as a cg, and a s a family had so so much to thank God for.

Phylli has been given the all-clear. We have 3 new additions to the cg - Baby Euan, Baby Athalie & Baby Elizabeth - all precious little miracles from the Lord; and one more on the way. =) We had new cg members joining us for wonderful fellowship. As i was cradling Euan to sleep, it dawned on me that God has been truly gracious and faithful to us.

Blessed New Year, may it be filled with His favour and blessings! =)
Much love!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Euan's 3-6 months

Time has sped by so quickly, although i get the awesome privilege to be home with Euan, i still often find myself wishing that time would somehow stand still for a moment for me to savour each & every precious moment with him.

Euan's a very lovable boy, with a great temperament. Except for the occasional crankiness, it's been thoroughly enjoyable to watch his funny antics and his incredible development everyday. I cannot help but thank God as i see my little boy grow each day.

Here's a short record of his developmental milestones - more for me to remember than anything else. =)

Euan's 3rd Month..

Power stares. Intent eyes. Billion dollar toothless smiles. Lotsa warm Giggles and contagious Chuckles. Mini routines : Milk time. Sleepy time. Milk time. Play time. Milk time. Bath time. Milk time. Sleep time. Milk time. Play time. Milk time.. =))

You wake up to greet each morning with your gorgeous signature billion dollar smile. For several days, u woke up early just to give daddy a good morning-and-have a fantastic day smile before he went to work! I'm certain that just made his day! =)

Euan's 4th Month..

Book reading/word staring.. Play with puppet (Tamby's your current favourite).. Loving music and songs especially when daddy's serenading songs on his guitar..

1st tummy rollover.. 1st 1ft crawl.. Backstroke swims on the wooden floor.. Bouncing/ standing up on our laps..

Whimsical laughs as if we cracked the funniest jokes.. More free toothless smiles.. More teary cries too..

Went for short holiday trips to Ipoh & Melaka with the CG. =)

Daddy bought u a new car (literally) so that we can fit everything in and sit more comfortably. =)

Euan's 5th Month..

Chicken Pox. Whimpering.. Crying when taking medicine.. Spots disappeared in 4days! woohoo!!

Teething.. Chewing every finger/everything/every toy's nose/cheek in sight..

Learning to flip over and turning round and round. Bum arches at diaper changing time.. Playing in the walker.. Making urgh-urghh sounds to mean stand up and walk..

This month, Grandma fell and fractured her shoulder. She's missed carrying you so much. And you were most likely wondering why she stopped carrying you and stopped making you clap your hands.. =(

Euan's 6th Month

Zooming around in your new walker which Grandma bought for you.. Chasing us down the living hall.. Lifting up your arms to mean carry me up! =) Excellent coordination in your walker.. You can make u-turns and side turns and maneuvre to come to us- wherever we are. =)

Saying ang-goo-goo to mean carry me up and walk. =)

Turning to look at us when we call your name, Euan Chu. =)

Eating solids and loving rice cereals with milk. And smacking your lips whenever mummy / daddy are having our meals. A true Gao-Chiak Jr member. =)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Love Letter to Euan (IV)

Written on 31st August 2010 (and updated several times since)

To my darling Euan,

A little summary of our 2nd month adventure! Yeah, life sure has been a wonderful and amazing adventure with you.. So much discoveries and fun experiences.. =)

More mamak trips..

More dinners at shopping malls in Subang vicinity..
Hmm.. everytime we go for dinners, the waiters are bound to admire you in your pram. If daddy's carrying you in the Ergo sling, well, the passersby will be admiring tough daddy and gorgeous baby..

Outstation Trips .. We celebrated your 2nd month in Melaka. It was fun. We took u to all our favourite makan stops and also to our must-see A Famosa. Well, we forgot it was full of steps and so daddy had a great work out CARRYing ur pram up A Famosa, and mummy carried you. Only to realise on the way down, that there's a pathway to push you all the way down. Anyways, it helped work out a good appetite for Nyonya food afterward.

We also went for our CG retreat to Ipoh. All the aunties helped watch over you.. and Koko Andrew and Jiejie Caitlyn had fun greeting you every morning and making sure you had sufficient kisses through the day! =) We introduced you to some lovely animals in Taiping Night Zoo, but not sure if you could recognise them in the dark. We'll visit them again someday, ya?

Noisy neighbour's reno.. Hmm.. you've been startled quite a lot with the drilling and hammering. But thank you, for being such a patient baby. =)

And finally, the highlight of this month is, you give out billion dollar toothless smiles!! Dunno where you learnt it, but every single heart has melted just looking at your smile. =)

Keep 'em coming! =)

Love you, darling!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love Letter to Euan (III)

Written on 18th July 2010

To my darling Euan.

Wow, you're one month old already! On one hand, it feels like just yesterday tt you were still squirming in my womb, and yet on the other hand, it feels like you've been with us for ages! =)

All in all, it's been a real adventure this past month!

Thank God for Grandma had 2 whole weeks of college holidays, so she could cook confinement food for mummy whilst we were in hospital and help with marketing. Then Aunty Esther, the confinement lady came for 2 weeks (well, she had a mini holiday while with us - cos mummy wanted to take care of you at night), then Ah ma was here for a week! and now, mummy & daddy have had the blessing of finally learning to take care of you ourselves. Well, we're still learning, boy, so do forgive us when we are slow to wear your diapers, or clumsy in carrying you from the bath tub, or your pet peeve - taking too long to put on your rompers. Mummy often wishes that we were in the movie I Dream of Jeannie - then i can fold my arms, close my eyes and wish, and voila(!) you're cleaned, dressed and all ready.

Mummy's super pleased to lose most of the preggy weight and fats with Kak Nani's uruts, and also the soothing relief from the aches. =) However, breastfeeding you has been quite a teary ordeal. Mummy's tried all concoctions recommended - from green papaya soups, fenugreek seeds, milk maid teas, horlicks.. but none seem sufficient. *Sigh* If you've seen mummy crying, well, it's not your fault. Mummy made a goal to breastfeed you for a whole year, and well.. let's just say, we'll take each day at a time, ya? But thank you, darling for being ever so patient. =)

Your jaundice episode was quite a scare for us. Phototherapies and weekly visits to the paed, and heartwrenching pricks on your sole and hands were quite a bit to swallow.

On the other hand, we were surprised and shocked when you first chuckled in your sleep.. then it was something we looked forward to.. which made both me & daddy chuckle too. We just assume it's dreams of milk and honey.. =)

Btw, we brought u for your first mamak outing. =) You wowed the waiters all with ur adorable face and eyes. Also your first movie - Despicable Me. Well, you slept and suckled through the movie.. but nonetheless.. it's still your first movie. =) Your first grocery shopping with grandma to carrefour. Hmm.. Everyone stopped and stared at the sling mummy carried you in. I think they were wondering what a nice bag i was carrying then realised there was a baby (!) in it. Your first party for your fullmoon at grandma's place. Your first visit to church the next day. You slept through worship and suckled through the sermon. And then sat with Koko/Uncle Daniel in front of the drums for your first drums, guitar and piano crash course. =) And then you attended your first cg at Uncle BK's place. Koko Andrew was very protective of you and had fun watching over you, i think. But you slept through the discussions and only woke up to join us for supper. =)

Told you it was quite an adventure! =) Love you, darling!